Growler Cage

Take your growler on a bike ride!  Growler Cages are specially designed to attach popular glass growlers to your bike.  These cages have a steel core wrapped in a soft, smooth, waterproof neoprene sheath that protects the glass while holding on tightly.  Each cage is made individually in Minneapolis, MN.  Growler Cages fit in place of any water bottle cage, and have an adjustable sliding mount to fit a variety of frame sizes.  Patent Pending.  Please do not drink and ride!

Growler Cage close upTwo growler cages on forkRed growler cage back

  • Steel frame specially shaped to cling to common 64oz glass growlers with diameters of 4.75-5".  These frames are very sturdy and will hold on tightly while on the trail.  Powder coated to protect from corrosion.
  • Individually sewn neoprene sheaths envelop the frame to provide a soft, smooth texture that protects the glass and it's paint job from scratching and damage.  Sheaths are available in 10 colors and are replaceable.
  • A stainless steel mounting bracket attaches the growler cage to your bike securely.  Brackets are designed to mount wherever a standard water bottle cage would go.  The best positions are on the bottom bar or, with the appropriate adapter from your local bike shop, behind the seat post
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-Attention bike shops and breweries!

Wholesale pricing and customization is available.  Please inquire using the contact form.